Hello world…again!

August 14, 2007

Wow! I didn’t realize how long I haven’t posted in this blog. Well you see, I had to work on temporary gigs (offline that is) to get me by. Since I am still learning the ropes of online living, I have to augment my income, plus I had to deal with some very delicate personal issues. And so now I’m back (you’re thinking I am just like the boy who cried wolf), but really, I am! Aside from those gigs I got, I have been busy with Wired Logic. Our first baby…and we are in the planning stage of another venture which we hope could take us to places in the Philippine IT industry.

Soon we will put up our team’s blog and I may write alternately between here and there…or I can just put reference links. And so my journey continues…and my hopes that this will work are way way up ;)


I put down another good book and couldn’t wait to share it with you. It is one of the Tom Peters Essentials entitled Trends, and co-authored by Martha Barletta. Although most of the statistics and examples given in the book are based in the United States, every marketer should still keep in mind the important trends cited – that of marketing to women and the mature market (read: NOT 18-44 age bracket).

First, as women make majority of the household purchasing decisions, why ignore her in your marketing strategies? And as more and more women become career-oriented and are able to earn as much as men, their rise in the marketplace couldn’t be ignored. Even in the automobile industry, sales people need to pay attention to women as they influence their partners in making the decision, or if buying for herself, she knows exactly what she wants. As the book is co-written by a woman and is an authority in marketing to women consumers, it becomes more interesting and fascinating.

I can relate this with a recent experience with my ‘Wired’ team. As I am in charge of marketing, I had one sales lead where the CEO is a woman. Perhaps it is by instinct or maybe out of sheer luck that I instantly clicked with her and proposed exactly what she needed for her company. And guess what? I landed the account in one month’s time. What I am saying here is pretty simple – ‘know your customer.’ Had I dealt with a male CEO, my approach would have been different.

Second, the “mature” market. Because most marketers concentrate on 18-44 age bracket, the boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) are ignored, when they have the luxury of time and money to begin with. As some of them are on pension, being supported by their children, or has lifetime savings to dispose of, they become a perfect target market, especially for the hospitality and healthcare industries.

These and other important points are emphasized in the book. I can say it is an easy-read, as it is divided only into 5 chapters, with graphical representations and colorful images to go with the text. As I mentioned, though written with the US market in mind, marketers all over the world need to re-evaluate and realign their strategies and keep up with the trends. There’s actually no harm in trying!

I just realized one of the benefits of working from home…more time to read, read and read! Not only do I read materials online which pique my interest but now I am able to catch up on reading hardcover books, and just yesterday I finished The Corporate Blogging Book by Debbie Weil. It was lent to me a couple of months ago…and in-between projects that I’m working on, I finally put the book down with a grin on my face. Why the grin? As a blogging newbie and all, I learned blogging and technical terms which I would not have otherwise looked up or even bothered to understand. The book gave me an insightful look what corporate blogs really are, how to write a good one, who should be doing it and why a company should consider doing it. As my ‘wired’ team is seriously considering putting a blog in our website (though still coming very soon!), it was inspiring and helpful. I found myself taking down notes and browsing through the CEO blogs mentioned, and even opened an account with bloglines (this I randomly selected from the many RSS newsreaders available). Although fairly new practice in the corporate world, the author says more and more companies are engaged in corporate blogging (I can’t name one local company in our country who’s into this now as of the time of this writing).

It is quite refreshing for a marketer, and a non-techie like myself, to read such a book. Usually, such titles will intimidate me and I would not have given it a second thought. But then again, things change, people change, and you just have to take it a step further if you want to learn new things and cope with the changing times. Have you read this book yet? If so, I would like to hear your comments on it and let’s trade notes! ;)

Oh and by the way, I added a new category in this blog, Book Readings, which I intend to grow with each book that I finish and I hope you will find them an interesting read as well.

Wiredgirl, Interrupted

April 30, 2007

Been awhile since my last post…I said I will chronicle my days of online living but I got so caught up with the things I missed that I neglected this blog. But now I’m back and ready to roll.

Weeks passed since I quit my day job and I’ve been working from home. Time just seems to fly out of the window as you surf, chat, send e-mails, research and prepare documents. How I never really noticed this when I was in a regular office but now every minute, hour and day that passed seem to be precious. That not keeping up to the schedule and deadlines that you have set leaves a guilty feeling that you know only you can remedy. So it takes self-discipline to accomplish anything that you have promised yourself to do. Because now…there are no more bosses or colleagues to remind you. No more reprimands or memos…just you and that nagging little voice that tells you, “What have you done for today?”

The same colleague who got me into this gave me a tip…that is, to prepare my daily schedule and to keep up with it virtuously – no matter what. “There may be lapses, but try to make up for them” is what he said. Easy to say, difficult to do. What does it really take to be successful in all these? Is it really just a matter of self-discipline or much more than that? I’ve realized…motivation and happiness have a lot more to do with it. Being motivated and happy with what you are doing are important factors to stay focused and not allowing yourself to be distracted…or in my case, interrupted. And no amount of self-discipline can help you succeed without these two other elements.

Having said all that, I can safely tell you that I’ve mustered just enough self-discipline and found the motivation and happiness to make it through. So ‘til my next post…you can bet that there will be no more interruptions ;)

Cobwebs in my head

March 4, 2007

I think the corporate world has really gotten into me…because for years I’ve neglected the social scene (read: clubbing, bar hopping and the like), let really good movies pass, completely forgot to exercise and try to lose weight. All these I’ve done (or have not done) for a long time. Then on Friday night, I got to go out with some friends and went to that club I used to frequent back in my younger days.  They still play old school music (though now with current tracks), serve the same booze, and still patronized by the same crowd. I guess we all outgrow some things, places and people, but once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to reminisce a little. You realize that somehow you have matured, and that your views now are far different from before. ‘Fun’, as you knew it, has gradually taken a new form.

Then yesterday, I spent the whole day out…walking aimlessly in the mall and beating through the 3-day sale crowd. I still have not gotten over my principle that I should be spending my weekends in this manner because I owe it to myself after days of hard work. More than one-third of my weekday (sometimes even more) is dedicated in the office. I go home tired and drained and only looks forward to sleep.

So today I woke up with cobwebs in my head…filled with confusion, inhibitions and apprehensions. What will my life be after years of this routine? Where does one start to alter his lifestyle? How do you spend your days in the virtual world? One by one I will be clearing these cobwebs, and soon figure out the intricacies of online living…

This realization just hit me…some bosses and business owners are having a hard time letting go of some employees. Is it because they are sad to see them go? Or angry perhaps to be leaving them at such a critical time? Or sorry that they have not put much effort to make them stay? Whatever reason/s they may have…is it proper to give the employee the cold shoulder upon tendering his resignation? I think not…for one thing, employment is a choice. Actually, everything in this world is a choice – happiness, relationships, status, jobs (this topic alone deserves a new post). Point is, to stay or not to stay in one company is entirely up to the employee…and oh…let me correct my term…an employee is a ‘talent’.

In one of the four Tom Peters Essentials, entitled ‘Talent’, he could not emphasize more that lifetime employment is out and lifetime self-invention is in (again for future post). Thus, bosses and owners alike should learn how to detach from talents that come their way. Be glad that they have contributed something…that they have been part of the organization…but let them move on. Emotional detachment is key, though this is not to say lose your compassion for them. It’s more of being happy for them, especially if they so choose to be on their own…

Corporate Slave No More

March 1, 2007

Day 1 of my life as a blogger.  I created this account not knowing what to put here.  Then I got to talk with a former colleague who’s been ‘online living’ (as he coins it) for 5 years now.  He gave me ideas on how to begin this journey…on how to live online…on how to utilize my knowledge and skills.  This is a new chapter in my life…gone are the days that I breathe and live by company policies…that I try to go up the organizational ladder…that I beat myself up by becoming a corporate slave.  I would like to believe that something will come out of this – that somehow with my limited online experience I will be able to share my thoughts, my ideas and my learnings to the outside world.

For 7 years I have been secure by having a job – from the hotel & restaurant to the IT industry.  Now I am faced only with hopes – that my ‘wired’ team will work out, that we will land various gigs, that I will be successful online.  But nothing is certain in this world, thus I am only relying on what the online community has to offer and what I can give back to it.

At least now I am my own boss…I’m a corporate slave no more…and I intend to live this way.  Join me in this endeavor!